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Conquer the media landscape with XL media domination, that make the most of our full-motion screens and high-impact immersive sites to captivate audiences and unleash the full potential of your brand – all with proven engagement with 100% of our visitors.

Elevate Your Brand with Dynamic Screens and Immersive Displays

Dynamic digital displays, iconic wraps, special builds: our showstopping XL media enables brands to deliver bespoke, memorable content that immerse customers in captivating stories and claims the spotlight in high-traffic locations.

Neuroscience demonstrates that the scale, interactivity, and pioneering technology of our large format screens deliver impact and influence customer behaviour, creating an unforgettable canvas for brands to leave a lasting impact. Here’s what you and your brand can expect:

  • Guaranteed impact, trust, and awareness building: Our industry-leading screen portfolio is integrated into the design of our malls, delivering cut-through in a controlled, clean environment free from competing messages.
  • Global fame: Pioneering technology facilitates ground-breaking technology that is shared on social media to a global audience.
  • Audience immersion: Giant wraps and banners dominate key points of high footfall and dwell, offering 100% share of voice to brands.
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