Gain exclusive access to prime sites within the centre that are strategically positioned for sampling activations that allow visitors to experience and test your products first-hand, with the added option of seamless conversion into sales in the centre.
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Elevate your brand's impact and ignite a sensory journey like never before. Step into a world of super-sampling and let visitors experience your products first-hand.

Our exclusive sampling activations take place in prime centre locations specifically designed to help brands target and captivate our audiences, paving the way for seamless sales conversions in onsite stores located nearby. The benefits speak for themself.

  • Powerful additional experiential layer: Sampling activations offer a tangible and immersive product experience for customers that can be easily combined with an event space and media activation for a full 360° experience.
  • Boost conversions: They’re proven to increase the chances of transforming potential customers into buyers.
  • Insights and feedback: Sampling provides valuable insights and feedback for product improvement and market understanding.
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Bonne Terre - Westfield Euralille
1Average samples distributed based on 3 day campaign
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