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Non Digital Out-of-Home
The success of our traditional media lies in the integrated design of the locations, all of which are placed at key decision points throughout our malls.

Brands requiring a 100% share of voice can package standardised illuminated sites to guarantee repeat exposure to our audience, or dominate entire zones, such as entrances and food courts, to achieve full immersion.

Even in this digital age, many brands prefer the simplicity of dominating essential locations to the exclusion of all other advertising messaging. From straightforward back-illuminated lightboxes to huge, elaborate vinyl wraps, our sites provide the canvas to bring brand visions to life. And what a life they can have: 3D special build, live murals, living walls, and interactivity with mobile devices mean that static media opportunities offer huge creative potential today.

  • Large-scale vinyl wraps are an opportunity for storytelling, for dominating zones with high dwell times and can incorporate creative devices to meet drive-to-store or drive-to-web objectives as required.
  • Vinyl combined with large-format screens create hybrid sites that bring the flexibility of digital to an activation with the scale and impact of banners.
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