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Unleash the power of your brand. Our expansive media network offers reach, frequency and measurable drive-to-store impact from digital and traditional media sites. Sites are located at the point of purchase decision and target 100% of our audience.
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A premium, full-motion network delivering unprecedented accountability

Our media networks comprise full-motion digital totems and traditional media formats to deliver 100% share of voice, and are integrated into the customer journey throughout our malls. Your brand can own our customers’ attention, driving awareness and influencing behaviour with measurable results, as derived from our qualified audience data.

  • Engaged visitors: Target a hard-to-reach, young leisure audience in an environment free from competing media distractions.
  • Full-motion network: Unlock the power of video, live streaming and dynamic content to drive awareness and instigate action.
  • A qualified audience: Segmented audience data and drive-to-store measurability elevates our accountability beyond other out-of-home environments.
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Media Networks - 1 (1)
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