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XL Indoor Spaces
Take your experiential campaign into a whole different dimension – our XL indoor locations are in high-footfall, prime locations that will ensure you have the strongest visibility for maximum delivery and impact.
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Elevating Brand Experiences Beyond Limits

Are you ready for your brand to transcend the everyday and embrace the extraordinary? At our XL indoor spaces, the stage is set and the spotlight awaits.

From captivating product launches to interactive events that leave a lasting impact, our expansive indoor spaces provide the canvas for your brand’s most extraordinary moments. Ignite the senses, engage the audience and unlock the true potential of your brand in one of our grand indoor arenas.

  • Ample creative canvas: XL indoor spaces offer generous room for brands to unleash their creativity and design immersive brand experiences.
  • Captivate larger audiences: With spacious indoor arenas, brands can engage and captivate even the biggest audiences, maximising their reach and influence.
  • Weather-resilient: Forget what’s happening outside. Our XL indoor spaces allow brand experiences to be executed smoothly and without interruptions, whatever the weather.
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