The Missing Piece of the Experiential Puzzle at Westfield

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In parallel to the rise of creative and effective experiential, is the evolution of how data can improve and make experiential resonate with consumers. We dive into the role of data in shaping experiential campaigns, how it can enable marketers to make informed decisions and understand campaign effectiveness.

Although experiential creates real-time engagement and opportunities for two-way communication, marketers often overlook data in this medium. In today’s fast-paced environment where data is key to make media investments and optimize it – it becomes crucial to have the same data capabilities for experiential campaigns as other digital media campaigns and channels.

A Unique Opportunity with Westfield

Westfield is developing a unique, GDPR compliant, measurement solution to gather relevant data metrics and calculate key performance indicators related to experiential campaigns which take place in Westfield’s malls.

Audience and Attendance: tracking the number of visitors of the mall who have seen the experiential campaign, the number of people who have visited the experiential area and analyse their demographics and behaviour. This provides insights into the campaign’s reach and appeal.

Dwell Time and Interaction: measuring the time spent by consumers at various elements of the experience indicates the level of engagement and interest.

Conversion Rates: for campaign with specific call-to-actions, data can be used to measure incremental visits in the store which distributes the product or service showcased at the experiential pop-up. This provides valuable information to measure conversion rates and incremental sales created by the experiential campaign.

These valuable KPIs can be used not only for a post-campaign analysis but also to make real-time adjustments. Data analysis during the campaign allows us to identify elements that are resonating well and those that may need immediate adjustments.

Maximising experiential design with deeper data analysis

The second step for Westfield is to gather and analyse enough data to be able to help design experiences that resonate with the Westfield visitors’ preferences, behaviours, and expectations.

Consumer Profiling: by performing data analysis, Westfield can create consumer profiles, including demographics, interests by analysing stores visited and journey through the shopping centre during their visit.

Location Intelligence: Using data of each experiential location at Westfield malls, Westfield Rise can identify optimal locations for its client’s campaign, ensuring maximum visibility and traffic.

Identifying Trends: data analysis will also help identifying emerging trends and topics of interest, enabling deeper insight into relevant themes for the brand’s category.

With brands and agencies seeking greater insight for planning campaigns and measuring the impact of marketing spend, data is increasingly critical. Our measurement solution enables Westfield Rise to provide the same KPI analysis in the physical world as is expected online. Our venues bring brand visions to life and through data we can now demonstrate the impact of experiential campaigns on our audience.
Chris LynhamDirector of Media, Westfield Rise Europe
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