2023 Awards Ceremony

Westfield Rise Sponsoring the 2023 Media Performance Prize

🏆 Celebrating Media Excellence: Westfield Rise Jury & Sponsor of the 2023 Media Agency Awards 🏆

In the demanding world of media agencies, performance is a crucial criterion for determining the success of advertising campaigns. At the 2023 Media Agency Awards, Westfield Rise had the honor of sponsoring the Performance Award, which recognizes outstanding campaigns with tangible results.

We warmly congratulate Arena Media and BIG SUCCESS France for their outstanding achievements with the Puy du Fou and Roc Eclerc cases. Their ability to deliver concrete results and effectively engage audiences speaks to remarkable expertise and creativity.

As a trusted partner of media agencies, Westfield Rise remains committed to supporting excellence and innovation in our industry. We thank the teams at The Media Leader FR for organizing this event, which highlights the talent and hard work of key players in our field.

The Media Agency Awards 2023 have once again demonstrated that performance, coupled with strategic innovation, is the key to success in today's media landscape. Westfield Rise is proud to have contributed to this celebration of excellence and is committed to continuing to inspire and collaborate with media agencies to develop even more impactful advertising campaigns in the future.

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Award Ceremony 23 - 2