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Red Bull ignites 5-year partnership at Westfield Centro, boosting brand recognition and sales through dynamic activations.
Red Bull's vibrant blue and silver hues came alive at Westfield Centro, marking the exciting kickoff of a five-year collaboration aimed at enhancing brand visibility and driving sales in western Germany.

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Five-year brand partnership

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Red Bull’s famous blue and silver colour scheme was put to good use at Westfield Centro in May 2022 for the opening activation of what is a five-year brand partnership between the Austrian drinks company and the mall, with an objective to gain brand recognition among visitors to the centre and increase sales in western Germany.

Focused around 25m2 of liveried promotional space that featured sporty visuals and up-to-the-minute campaign images that were able to been seen from afar and attract visitors from other parts of the centre to the site, it’s pretty fair to say that first part of the partnership has been on track from the start.

Closer to the action, the brand has provided two vending machines supplying visitors with high-energy hydration. There is liveried seating for anyone wishing to sit down and enjoy the action playing out on-screen, and bespoke branding experiences lined up throughout the partnership for those who want to earn their ‘wings’ – as the brand’s famous slogan has it – first-hand.

Key facts

  • Five-year brand partnership campaign

  • Next-level vending and increased brand awareness

  • Dedicated onsite promotional space with for leisure and events with high-impact media

We’re looking forward to a lasting partnership with URW and are already planning further activities in the malls in Germany and Austria. This brand partnership is ideal for us because our marketing is always centred on uniqueness. The connection between the brand world and our own POS was what persuaded us to go for this truly unique set-up.
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