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Spectacular US Beauty Brand Mascara Launch Takes Center Stage at Westfield Arkadia
The latest mascara launch by renowned US beauty brand at Westfield Arkadia drew massive attention, featuring avatar photobooth, 3D screen, influencers, and energetic DJ-filled fun.

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Experiential Product Launch


A new release from the legendary US beauty brand always attracts attention. And this one, at Westfield Arkadia to promote its latest mascara, attracted a lot of attention.

The brand set up a site over a weekend in June 2023, complete with an onsite promotional makeup zone – where visitors, expertly assisted by professional MUAs – were invited to test products from across the Maybelline brand before capturing their new look and creating their own avatar at the onsite photobooth, with images live-streamed to a giant LED screen on the centre’s facade.

If that wasn’t attention-grabbing enough, the screen employed a 3D effect to showcase avatars of May – Maybelline New York’s first virtual ambassador – and high-profile (very much human) brand ambassador, Gigi Hadid, alongside images shot on the day. Needless to say, it caused quite a stir among visitors to the centre.

Back inside, there was plenty more fun to be had, with brand influencers offering inspiration and advice, a vending machine delivering gifts, and sweet treats, including lemonade and candy (as the say in the Big Apple), while the party remained permanently started with a DJs taking to the stage across the weekend for a fun, action-packed and, yes, high-impact event.

Key facts

  • Product launch event

  • Interactive in-store event with branded pop-up with tuition, giveaways and performances

  • Images live-streamed to a giant LED screen on the centre’s façade

  • High-impact visuals and photo-sharing opportunities created buzz on socials

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Maybelline offering tailored beauty experience to visitors
Visitors could enjoy a make-up session, for the greatest pleasure of all
Maybelline - Westfield Arkad
A captivating visual spectacle offered by Maybelline to our visitors
Images live-streamed to a giant LED screen on the centre’s facade
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Gathering visitors and beauty-lovers around events and conferences
Brand influencers were offering inspiration and advice to visitors on the new product