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iSpot's Innovative Launch in Poland
iSpot Revolutionizes Poland: Unveiling High-Tech Apple Premium Reseller Showroom at Westfield Arkadia, featuring interactive workshops, contests, and digital promotions, May 2023.

Westfield Arkadia




Showroom opening launch

Creative professionals

As the first and only Apple Premium reseller in Poland, the opening of iSpot’s new showroom concept at Westfield Arkadia was greeted with all the excitement normally associated with its high-tech hero brand.

The two-day event took place in May 2023 with the focus on and around a dedicated, pop-up iSpot zone in the centre’s Theatrum. Over the course of the weekend, seven leading creative professionals from the worlds of design, music, photography and technology conducted a series of interactive workshops that were open to all comers, with packed attendance throughout.

Visitors to the zone were also treated to contests with prizes, a gaming zone and time-limited promotions at the iSpot Apple Premium Partner showroom, driving footfall directly to the brand’s newly opened store. The event was supported with static banners and digital out-of-home media (available in the centre), including non-standard digital totems branding.

Key facts

  • Experiential event with a dedicated pop-up featuring interactive workshops and more

  • Time-limited promotions directly led to increased footfall to onsite showroom

  • Campaign supported by static banners and digital out-of-home media

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Interactive workshops and performances
Visitors enjoyed interactive workshops from the worlds of design, music, photography and technology.
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