Dior WL4T
Dior's Memorable Festive Campaign
By captivating visitors with a two-week 360-degree screen display and tailoring a fragrance-focused experiential effort, Dior ensured its prominence as a top-tier beauty brand.

Westfield Les 4 Temps






The festive period is significant for any brand. In an increasingly competitive retail market, that’s especially true – however renowned, or well-established a brand might be, it’s vital to stand out from the crowd.

In December 2021, premium French beauty brand Dior did precisely that at Westfield Les 4 Temps, with an experiential and media campaign designed to support the company’s country-wide communication plan for the same period.

For two weeks, Dior’s campaign was broadcast on Westfield Les 4 Temps’ immersive 360 screen, targeting shoppers and visitors to the centre alike. This was supported by a five-day experiential campaign in the retail week building up to Christmas, which was tailored specifically towards fragrance promotion and included sampling distribution on Christmas Eve itself.

With 570k visitors to the centre during the experiential activation, it was a timely and effective way for Dior to reinforce its status as one of the world’s leading beauty brands.

Key facts

  • Two weeks promotional broadcast on site’s immersive 360 screen

  • Fragrance promotion and sampling giveaways

  • 570k visitors to the centre during the experiential activation

Dior - Carousel - 1
Fragrance promotion and sampling giveaways
The inclusion of sampling distribution on Christmas Eve added an extra layer of excitement
Dior - Carousel - 2
Majestic media format for a full immersion of our visitors
The iconic Digital Dream booked by Dior created a media domination around the experiential space
Dior WL4T
XL media format for a 360° visibility
The Digital Dream combines both a rectangular screen and a circled screen spread on two floors