Netflix's Christmas Spectacle: Dominating Paris with a 360° Media Blitz
Netflix's 360° media blitz over seven weeks at Paris's largest Christmas Tree, featuring Marquee billboards, co-marketing, and celebrity endorsements, led to a vibrant campaign in one of the most iconic centre in Europe.

Westfield Forum des Halles




360° media campaign

Visitors during the campaign
Footfall increase
Online reach

Global streaming service Netflix came to us to create a campaign featuring 360° media domination for seven weeks across the centre, including, static media, DOOH, co-marketing (social, CRM, press release, etc.), Christmas decorations – on Paris’s biggest Christmas Tree, no less – and ice rink sponsorship.

Over the course of the campaign the centre’s massive billboard, the Marquee, was filled with funny messages, sharing the brand’s latest news to visitors to the mall and keeping them entertained – and have them coming back for more – with events and gifts distribution. VIPs were invited to share the campaign on their own social media, including ‘Emily in Paris’ star, Lily Collins.

With nearly 930k visits to the store across the campaign (10 November 2022–5 January 2023; up 18% against pre-Covid footfall in 2019) and a massive positive response on site from visitors taking and sharing pictures of the Marquee and in front of the tree – including stars such as Alban Lenoir and Camille Cerf – Netflix’s aim to increase awareness was firmly achieved.

We are proud to have supported Netflix in creating this disruptive space. Working with clients like Netflix pushes us to constantly push the boundaries, inventing new, ever more innovative concepts.
Re-Mind PHDNetflix's Media agency
Netflix Marquee
Attention-grabbing marquee under the Canopy
Marquee updates for the most talked-about moments, complete with its signature witty copywriting.
Ice-rink Netflix
Netflix's ice-rink
Sponsorship of an ice rink, integrating branded elements enhancing the immersive experience
Netflix in-mall OOH
In-mall print media domination
Netflix took over the whole centre using our in-mall media support for a full domination impact