Latest innovations in DOOH

Let’s take a look at the strides we’ve made to shape the future of DOOH experiences

Westfield Rise has been, with its key media partners, consistently pushing the boundaries of digital out-of-home (DOOH) experiences. Our investment in a quality portfolio of stand-alone immersive screens is not just an expansion; it’s a revolution in interactive DOOH offerings, seamlessly integrated with experiential spaces.

Building on long-standing success: The Digital Dream, Westfield Les 4 Temps, Paris

It’s called The Digital Dream for a reason – this iconic and successful screen, set at Westfield Les 4 Temps has been given more than a makeover. Groundbreaking immersive 3D effects provides brands with an unmatched DOOH canvas, right at the point of purchase.

DSC01487 (2)

Market first delivery in Stockholm: The Halo and Geminis

Westfield Mall of Scandinavia presents a new landmark – The Halo. Boasting 3 full LED Cubes, 6-sides DeepScreen, 280 Sqm of LED right above an impressive space for Brand Experience events…

Why take one when you can take two? Westfield Täby Centrum boasts, not one, but two unmissable screens in the main event. Not even a year into launch, we’ve seen unprecedented demand for Sweden’s assets, activated by leading beauty, automotive and FMCG brands already.

DSCF2418 v002 (1) (002)
2024-04-06 WESTFIELD PEPSI (41 of 64)

Premium quality and innovation at Westfield Mokotów, Poland

First to market again, Poland’s latest DOOH has redefined the main event space. Dominating the arena, this screen invites shoppers into a world where advertising is not just seen but experienced, fostering a deeper connection between brands and their audience.

WM Ekran DSC01669

More to come at Westfield Rise: Ocean Outdoor & Germany

In collaboration with our media partner Ocean Outdoor, we are set to enhance our large format portfolio in Germany. Westfield Centro, Westfield Hamburg, and Westfield Ruhr Park will soon feature state-of-the-art screens, including the relaunch of the UDS in Centro’s event space, promising a Halo experience that’s nothing short of spectacular. With so much experience under our belt over the past year, we have no doubt demand for Germany’s screens will be soaring.

Why do we invest? The power of emotional engagement and impact in OOH.

Our neuroscientific research ‘Centre of Attention’ reveals that shoppers exhibit greater emotional engagement with brands featured in our malls. Advertising here doesn’t just reach eyes; it touches hearts, achieving enhanced cut-through. Neuroscience supports this, showing that iconic, immersive DOOH screens, especially those incorporating interactive technology and situated near experiential spaces, elicit the strongest emotional responses.

By the Numbers: The Power of Full Motion DOOH

  • Full motion DOOH campaigns utilizing enhanced technology are 8 times more impactful than those on static displays*

  • 70% of shoppers feel a closer connection to the brands they love.

  • 81% of shoppers express a desire to touch and feel products, underscoring the importance of screens complementing experiential spaces.

  • 74% of shoppers recall seeing advertising, indicating high retention rates.

  • 76% of shoppers are open to discovering new brands and products, highlighting the potential for brand growth.

Stay tuned for our upcoming ventures in Germany, where we’ll unveil the next chapter in immersive advertising experiences. Find out more about the power of our media here, or contact us for the latest opportunities in the ever exciting world of DOOH.

* study by Ocean Outdoor and Neuro-Insight titled “Redefining Human Engagement, Integrating Technology with DOOH” (July 2019).